In-home overnight care for one dog: $60 plus g.s.t. (from 6pm-8am). Includes one 15 min walk at arrival, a bathroom break before bed, and one 15 min walk in morning before departure. Includes feeding, any medications needed and TLC. Does not include midday walks.   *each additional dog in home: $5 plus g.s.t.

In-home overnight care for one cat: $40 plus g.s.t. (from 6pm-8am). Includes feeding, litter care, any medications needed TLC .  *each additional cat in home: $5 plus g.s.t.

Complementary ‘no charge’  for bringing in mail, consultations, ‘meet and greets’ and key exchange.

Cash, cheque and email money transfers accepted.

St. John’s Ambulance Pet First Aid certified.

References available upon request.